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WeChat Official Accounts

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Customer Service: 400-616-2076(7*24h)
  • Q:How to report repair when the mobile phone is damaged accidently?
    A:You can follow our WeChat official account “Ptibro”, then click the menu “Repair”, fill in relevant information. After the information is verified, the repair stage will start.
  • Q:Will my personal data be lost after maintenance?
    A:May be. We recommend that you’d better make cloud backup of all personal data in the phone and restore your phone to factory Settings before sending or delivering it to a repair outlet. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of any data or information in your phone.
  • Q:How long will it take to fix my phone?
    A:The repair cycle is about 1-3 working days. If you sent it to the repair outlets by mail, the repair period is calculated from the delivery date to the day when users receive the phone. In some cases, the repair period might be slightly extended due to the shortage of accessories and other reasons, and we will inform users in advance.
  • Q:Is there any protective measures for the personal information on the phone?
    A:We observe all applicable laws and regulations on personal information, data and privacy protection. Our service outlets are all officially authorized by the mobile phone manufacturers, and our mobile repairmen have all received professional training. We only repair and replace hardware. We won’t process the information on your device. You can rest assured of your information security. We’ll protect your personal information, data and privacy from illegal disclosure, or being disclosed to unauthorized third parties.
Please follow us Customer Service:400-616-2076
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