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Customer Service: 400-616-2076(7*24h)
Ptibro | We are either in repair or on our way to repair
The electric appliance repairman beside you. Mobile Phones, Household Appliances, Digital Products,Fix all problems for you on simply one call.
1. Make an appointment
2. Door-to-door service free of charge
3. Test and maintenance
4. Acceptance check and make payments
Air-conditioner maintenance Make an appointment
Refrigerator maintenance Make an appointment
Washing machine maintenance Make an appointment
TV set maintenance Make an appointment
Gas stove maintenance Make an appointment
Range hood maintenance Make an appointment
Water heater maintenance Make an appointment
Digital product maintenance Make an appointment
Computer maintenance Make an appointment
Fast response! Being at your door within 1 hour! Make an appointment with one click whenever and wherever you want. Fast response helps you fix home appliance troubles without leaving home!
Transparent prices. Say good-bye to dirty tricks! Repair home appliances before your face. Fixed prices are paid after your acceptance check, without any hidden consumption!
Professional technicians and quality parts! Professional maintenance technicians with certificates and strictly selected high-quality parts ensure the maintenance quality!
7*24h after-sales services, 90-day warranty period! More than 100 repair outlets in China and ultra-long 90-day warranty period allow you to enjoy a carefree life!
Repair Service Number: 400-616-2076 WeChat Official Account: ptibro Please scan the QR code to follow us!
Credible society is our common aspiration!
Note: 1. Costs of new goods and expenses of trading old products for new ones will be calculated separately. We don’t offer door-to-door services for good sales. Users shall make payments online before the home delivery service.
2. The above fees do not include handling fees and transportation expenses, etc.
3. To protect your legitimate rights and service quality and avoid unnecessary losses, please do not make the deal with the maintenance engineers privately (we couldn’t provide safety and quality guarantee for private deals). Thank you for your support.
4. The quality warranty is 90 days after our maintenance.
5. Animal damage, power supply problems, liquid intake, human factors, unauthorized dismantling, appearance are not covered by the warranty.
6. If the repair is too difficult or there is no spare parts, the service can be cancelled. The advance payment will be reimbursed in full amount, without any charge.
7. The cleaning service does not offer maintenance services; while the maintenance service does not offer cleaning service. For additional services, please place another order.
8. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service: 400-616-2076.
Please follow us Customer Service:400-616-2076
Working period:9:00-22:00
Beijing ICP No.11032734-5
Address: 5th Floor,Easton Centre,18A Guang Qu Lu,Chaoyang District,Beijing
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