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Customer Service: 400-616-2076(7*24h)
Ptibro | We are either in repair or on our way to repair
Door-to-door service/Send back by mail/Deliver to the repair outlet Choose one as you please! High-quality parts | Professional technicians | Ultra-long warranty period of 90 days
Fast! Professional technicians come to your door quickly.
Quality! Highly differentiated quality components.
Security! Three-month warranty period ensures you carefree.
Transparent! Fixed prices charged for repair services.
Door-to-door service Respond in 30 minutes, come to your door within 2 hours and complete the repair within 1 hour.
Send back by mails Respond in 30 minutes, come to your door within 1 hours and mail it back within 24 hours.
Deliver to the repair outlet Respond in 30 minutes, complete the repair within 1 hour and inform the consumer to fetch the mobile phone within 2 hours.
Kickoff the premium service immediately
Service Address
*Quick repair order is only applicable to door-to-door service for the time being.
Your information
*Your personal information is only for the customer service staff and technicians to contact you.
Friendly Tips
Please follow us Customer Service:400-616-2076
Working period:9:00-22:00
Beijing ICP No.11032734-5
Address: 5th Floor,Easton Centre,18A Guang Qu Lu,Chaoyang District,Beijing
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